We’re building the future for collective learning and climate impact

Our mission is to facilitate social learning and collaborative solution-building for system-wide transformation, to address social and environmental problems in novel and impactful ways. Our team has led these interdisciplinary projects with diverse stakeholders through in-person workshops, and now want to bring that innovation to the digital space to broaden participation.

With our intuitive interfaces and workflow, collaborative evidence-based modeling, and inclusive facilitation approaches, we strive to enhance local and regional governance to improve socio-economic equity and environmental quality.

Fora.ai demonstrates Northeastern University’s commitment to communities.

Our values: Going beyond simple collaboration

Representing different forms of knowledge

Participants gain a systems view to support solution-building with evidence.

Developing agency and innovation

The collaborative nature encourages all to take initiative in sharing their ideas, harnessing the power of diversity to create innovative solutions.

Visualizing different concerns

Participants can more effectively work towards compromise.

We have a commitment to the community

As we participate in community-engaged work, we strive to make a positive contribution with compassion and humility. Fora.ai is one manifestation of Northeastern University’s commitment to communities.

Leadership and team

Founding Member and Director

Moira Zellner

Professor of Public Policy and Urban Affairs;

Director of Participatory Modeling and Data Science;

Co-Director of NULab for Texts, Maps and Networks


Dean Massey

Participatory Complex Systems Modeler

Founding Member and Conceptual Designer

Leilah Lyons

Program Director at National Science Foundation (NSF)


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