Reshape how you collaborate for climate and social impact

Fora.ai is Northeastern University’s collaborative whiteboard platform to bring teams together, anytime, anywhere.

How it Works

Build. Collaborate. Launch.

Define your priorities

Before designing draft plans, each participant will set their order of priorities within a concern profile.

Solution building

Facilitators and participants work together, collaboratively creating and adjusting a solution to their problem.

Run simulations

With the pieces in place, it’s time to view how the proposed solution performs with different priorities in mind.

Collaborate and change

Participants collaborate, co-design solutions, and test them against different priorities until they agree on one of them for implementation.

Enhance your teamwork

Our suite of collaboration tools helps your team to stay more productively connected than ever.

Comment and discuss

Improve your collaborative work with feedback. Collect and resolve comments directly on the proposed solution.

Add tokens

Easily add elements to the solution from a token library with the ability to learn more about each element.

Adjust the landscape

In terrain editor mode, remove and add features by adjusting layers and elevation levels.

Compare simulation results

Make informed decisions by testing and comparing different solutions to each other.

Don’t start from scratch

We’ve streamlined common processes for easier collaboration so you can focus on addressing climate change and social justice.

All projects in one place

Create, view, update, and complete

Organize draft plans

View a change log to keep up to date

Invite, collaborate and share

Easily build your project team

Map templates

Save time by starting from existing maps

Online terrain editor

Adjust layers and elevation levels

Run simulations and repeat

See live results and compare

Build your ideal climate and social justice solutions